Schild an der Ausfahrt Falkenberg der A93 (Foto: Eibauer)

Falkenberg is easy to reach via the A93 motorway northbound. It is about 4 km to Falkenberg centre from Falkenberg exit. Parking spaces are available at the TZB (conference centre), in the town centre and about 200 m from the castle at Pirker Weg.


Burg Falkenberg
Burg 1, 95685 Falkenberg
Phone: 09637 – 92 99 45 – 0 (Central Number, also for TZB)
Fax: 09634 – 2511 (also for TZB)
Conference Centre (TZB)
In der Schwaige 3, 95685 Falkenberg

parking spaces

the route to our three parking spaces

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